Monday, October 12, 2015

Projects made with the Arduino Enigma Simulator Engine

The availability of a correct Free Open Source implementation for the Arduino platform of the Enigma encryption algorithm and the Uhr switch has inspired the following people to write their own enigma simulators. To this day, the most popular page on this blog is this:
What will you be inspired to make with it?


le Sanglier des Ardennes Page:

Source code:

Box sketch:


Claudio's Page:

Details about his Enigma Simulator:

Simulator source code:


This is Stephen Peek page, another electronic enigma collector.
I recognize the logo in the LCD machine. It seems to be derived from le Sanglier des Ardennes


03/29/2019 edit:

Very nice derivative by Mark J Culross, KD5RXT with extra machines added: