Sunday, July 28, 2019

Programmable Seven Segment LED Tester is complete

The conclusion to

Here is the finished Seven Segment Tester. All of the available Arduino Nano pins, except for analog input pins A6,A7 and Serial Port pins D0 and D1 are connected. This leaves us with 18 pins to bring to the 3M Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) socket. Any display up to 9 pin DIP can be tested.

Here are some pictures of the device testing a 16 segment display, a 7 segment display and a 3 digit 7 segment display. The common cathode and common anode versions are programmed as test patterns.

Once the Arduino is programmed, the device can work standalone using a 9v battery.

The base is a reused enigme simulator box lid. 

The OSHPark render of the bottom of the board.

A render of the top of the board. 

The boards as they came from

Here is a video of the test patterns for a 16-segment LED display and a three-digit seven-segment display.

This design may also be used to test IC, it can supply power and ground to the device under test, put values on some pins and verify that the output from the chip is correct.