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Documenting the design process behind a family of simulators:

The first foray into designing an Enigma Machine Simulator. An Arduino Uno running a custom sketch and a Touchscreen LCD shield are combined in a laser cut enclosure. It simulates the Enigma I, M3 and M4 machines. The Uhr switch and a tape printer are emulated as well.

A very rare, numbers only Z30 Enigma Machine was discovered and described in a paper. "Enigma Z30 retrieved", Anders Wik, Cryptologia Vol. 40 , Iss. 3,2016. A program that emulates this machine and runs on the Kim-1 / Uno calculator was created for the hackaday.com #1kbchallenge

Mega Enigma, a Universal Enigma Machine Simulator

This is it, the big one. A full featured universal enigma machine simulator. Emulates a total of 14 different machines (Enigma I, M3, M4, Norenigma, Sonder-Enigma, D, K-Swiss, Rocket, Tirpitz, KD, A-865, G-111, G-260, G-312), 50 different rotors, 17 reflectors including the programmable UKW-D, both lever and geared stepping are supported. Has a physical plugboard, but to support a software UHR switch, software plugs can also be set.

Fully compatible with Daniel Palloks Universal Enigma 

Nano Enigma, A physical Enigma Z30 Simulator

The first physical simulation of an Enigma Z30, compatible with the 6502 Kim Uno program.

Both MegaEnigma and NanoEnigma have borrowed the keyboard and display circuitry and driving algorithms from the Sinclair Scientific Calculator Emulator

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