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Documenting the design process behind a family of simulators:

The first foray into designing an Enigma Machine Simulator. An Arduino Uno running a custom sketch and a Touchscreen LCD shield are combined in a laser cut enclosure. It simulates the Enigma I, M3 and M4 machines. The Uhr switch and a tape printer are emulated as well.

A very rare, numbers only Z30 Enigma Machine was discovered and described in a paper. "Enigma Z30 retrieved", Anders Wik, Cryptologia Vol. 40 , Iss. 3,2016. A program that emulates this machine and runs on the Kim-1 / Uno calculator was created for the hackaday.com #1kbchallenge

Mega Enigma, a Universal Enigma Machine Simulator

This is it, the big one. A full featured universal enigma machine simulator. Emulates a total of 14 different machines (Enigma I, M3, M4, Norenigma, Sonder-Enigma, D, K-Swiss, Rocket, Tirpitz, KD, A-865, G-111, G-260, G-312), 50 different rotors, 17 reflectors including the programmable UKW-D, both lever and geared stepping are supported. Has a physical plugboard, but to support a software UHR switch, software plugs can also be set.

Fully compatible with Daniel Palloks Universal Enigma 

Nano Enigma, A physical Enigma Z30 Simulator

The first physical simulation of an Enigma Z30, compatible with the 6502 Kim Uno program.

PicoEnigma a Universal Enigma Machine Simulator in under 10x10cm

A full featured, compact, universal enigma machine simulator. Runs the same enigma software as MegaEnigma but instead of having a physical plugboard it uses software plugs.


Both MegaEnigma and NanoEnigma have borrowed the keyboard and display circuitry and driving algorithms from the Sinclair Scientific Calculator Emulator

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