Monday, February 18, 2019

Examples of Boards Designed With Fritzing

The following article appeared in Hackaday. The premise is that development in Fritzing has stopped, the project appears to be dead. It is a shame, because in this cloud computing era, I like open source tools like Fritzing and Sketchup that can be installed and run forever in a standard Windows PC.

Over in hackaday,io, Radomir Dopieralski [deshipu] is also a fan of Fritzing and put together a project showing how to do different tasks in Fritzing.

So far, the worst I have noticed is that a trace bend cannot have 4 traces branching out. Otherwise, I have not found other showstoppers with Fritzing. I do not use the autorouter for the latest boards.

The following posts show some of the good and bad of designing boards with Fritzing.

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