Monday, January 18, 2016

Assembled enigma machine simulator now available for sale on ebay

Last year, the Arduino Enigma Machine Simulator was entered in the best product prize competition.

Three units had to be assembled and submitted. Units HaD 0001, HaD 0002 and HaD 0003 were sent.  

When the competition ended, Units HaD 0001 and HaD 0002 were returned, as per the contest terms.

They were carefully photographed and listed for sale on eBay: HaD 0001 and HaD 0002. They both sold. Since there is interest in assembled enigma simulators, the eBay store has now two listings, one for the simulator in kit form and the other one for a fully assembled simulator.

eBay Store:

The simulator in kit form ships the next business day. When an assembled unit is purchased, it will be assembled, typically over the weekend. The processing time is listed as 20 days, but it might be ready sooner. 

Below are pictures of assembled unit HaD 0001 to give you an idea of what a completed unit looks like.