Sunday, April 5, 2020

Setting Up MegaEnigma to decode the Rasch Message, a 1942 intercept by H.M.S Hurricane

This is part of the documentation of MegaEnigma, a Universal Enigma Machine Simulator:

In the following videos, the machine will be set up to decode a real U-Boar message, available here:

MegaEnigma 1/8: All Menus and Brightness adjustment

MegaEnigma 2/8: Selecting an Enigma Machine model.

MegaEnigma 3/8: Selecting the Rotors

MegaEnigma 4/8: Ring Settings

MegaEnigma 5/8: Viewing the installed plugs.

MegaEnigma 6/8: Confirming All The Settings

MegaEnigma 7/8: Setting up the starting rotor position.

MegaEnigma 8/8: Decoding the message (BOOT KLAR)

Additional Menus:

MegaEnigma: UKWD, Software Plugs and UHR Switch

MegaEnigma: UKWD menu appears for machines that feature it.

MegaEnigma: UKWD menu: Viewing plugs in UD and BP notation

MegaEnigma: UKWD menu: editing plugs