Sunday, July 7, 2024

Updates to Dual Screen DSKY


Several usability improvements have been made to the Dual Screen DSKY

Webpage changes:

1) The launch.cmd and launch-edge.cmd batch files have been modified to attemp to terminate the browser process if it is running in the background as exiting the browsers may leave processes running on the background and we need to start the browsers from scratch in order to use the special flags that allow Serial.IO to run

2) If the connection to the external DSKY is lost or it is unplugged, the "Disconnect" button changes back to "Connect" and now it is possible to re-connect without refreshing the page and losing the mission progress

3) The status of the left screen indicators are now only sent to the external DSKY if they have changed, with a complete refresh being periodically sent. Previously they were all being sent continuously and generated too much serial port traffic. 

DSKY Changes:

1) A circular buffer has been implemented in the Arduino Mega. Incoming characters are received, buffered, and released on a timer to the screens. Previously some commands were lost if a lot of changes were being drawn on the screens. 

The software can be downloaded at: