Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wood Case Using Finger Joints

Using Google Sketchup and a plugin from Flight of Ideas to export the result to SVG, the following case was sent to Ponoko to be laser cut from 3.2mm Birch Plywood. The pieces were then glued with Elmers wood glue, Gorilla Glue would work as well. The SVG file that was used to laser cut this case is available here

Update: This is the latest case design. After this case was designed, a new case was created with an integrated lid, slimmer hinges, a chain to hold the upper lid partially open and a serialized instruction sheet (Merkblatt)

The machine in operation, connected to the computer via USB.
Working with battery power
The closed case.
Showing the hinges.
The inner case has been taken out of the outer case. I have not found a good way to hinge the front flap yet,

Update: A new case has been designed with slimmer hinges.

Showing that the screws used to attach the hinges do not penetrate the 3.2mm plywood. A regular wood screw was used to start the hole until the plywood on the inside started to bulge out, then the screw was backed out and a wood screw that was cut short was used to secure the hinge.
This is the inner case. I am really pleased with the way it fits, it really hugs the electronics tightly, the USB connector fits through the hole and keeps the arduino from sliding out. Once this box is glued, the only way the electronics are coming out again is to break the box.
The inner box being operated with battery power.
The bottom of the inner box, notice that the USB connector is now to the right of the power plug hole.
How it all looks when using it.
Another shot of the whole package

Showing the hinges and the screw heads.
A picture of the corner showing the finger joints.

The next experiment is to engrave the enigma logo on some of the surfaces.
Update: The new case has been designed with slimmer hinges and engraved logos. The finger spacing has been selected so its close to 3.2mm

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