Monday, January 12, 2015

Installing the Arduino IDE and Serial Port USB Drivers.

Before the Arduino Enigma Machine Simulator can be controlled from a computer, the Virtual Serial Port USB drivers must be installed. A terminal program is also needed to interact with the machine. Installing the Arduino IDE satisfies both requirements.

First, go to then click on Download. I selected the windows installer for version 1.5.8 of the IDE, then clicked on the file that was downloaded.

Windows throws a security warning to make sure we intend to execute this, click "Run"

Click on "I Agree" to Accept the License Agreement.
We are going to leave the default options alone. Notice the second option is install USB driver.
Click "Next"
Leave the default folder alone.
Click "Install"
And now we wait...
Windows shows the following security message before installing the USB drivers.
Click "Continue Anyway"
The installation is now completed.
Click "Close"

Find the Arduino icon on the desktop and double click it.

Leave the Arduino unplugged.

Under Tools->Port you will see the existing serial ports your computer has.

Plug the Arduino board. Windows will find it, install the driver and assign it a serial port.

The new port for this Arduino device is shown.

This is a one time setup. To operate the enigma machine, continue to the next post, Operating the Arduino Enigma Machine via Serial Port

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