Monday, September 30, 2019

The Mega Enigma, an Universal Enigma Machine Simulator is feature complete

The menu system has been completed.

All of the enigma settings (machine type, rotor types, ring settings, wheel settings) can now be changed. The plugs, being physical, are not settable via the menu.

A lampfield / keyboard self test feature has been added.

The lampfield brightness can now be changed.

When the settings are changed, they are saved to EEPROM

Pressing the menu button for a few seconds zeroises the machine by returning it to a default configuration and saves that to EEPROM, deleting the previously configured machine. Might write a separate byte to EEPROM to indicate that a memory wipe is in progress in case it is interrupted. Upon boot, the machine will check this memory location and if set, resume wiping EEPROM.

The new cases have arrived, they need assembly.

Demo Video coming soon...

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