Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Arduino Enigma

This is how the machine looks like when powered by a 9V battery. It can operate as shown, or be connected to the computer via a USB cable to receive power, or it can be operated from the computer using a terminal program.

On initial power up, it defaults to an Enigma M4, with reflector B thin, Greek wheel Beta, and rotors 1,2,3, set to A, no plugs connected on the plug board. The plugboard is at the bottom, the keyboard is just above it. In the center section the lamp field is visible and the rotors are at the top.

Care was taken to ensure compatibility with the operation of enigma machines and quirks such as double stepping of the middle rotor were implemented. There is a printer tape running in between the lamp field and the rotors. 

Modifying the machine settings is done by dragging rings, touching plugs, operating a rotary wheel, the use of menus was mostly avoided to help keep the realistic feeling of operating the machine.

The next post will go through modifying the machine settings to encrypt a message,

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